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I've been painting since childhood,
Drawing and Discover has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. My desire to arts has been filled through the use of state of the art computer programs  soft and hard medium that emulate different medium aswell as Technique. 
I worked many years as a graphic artist, manipulating wallpaper motifs for various textile,Banner Papper cutting,Stitching Own design clothes, By combining that graphic knowledge with computer technology I am now able to create Animation,Editing video,mixed media paintings that reflect my love of the Arts and Entertainment as well as Discovering and arts design. I use, as reference, photographs, own sketch I have taken of my local area.  My Art-work are done by hand  myself and want to continue to produce contemporary art ,Desgn,Graphic, portraits,Animation that I am renowned for. I love to involve my whole life with art and discovery that gives pleasure to the viewer. My artistry is constantly evolving. 
I aim to create a positive visual experience for you and want my art to warm your heart or perhaps bring a moment of serenity to your busy day. 
I LOVE and ADMIRE this wonderful world we live in and I love to capture moments and discover things in nature. Every blink of an eye reveals another amazing opportunity! and explore creativity.


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03/09/2012 15:28

Website launched

03/09/2012 15:27
Our new website has been launched today. Tell your friends  why you have started a discoverying your talent,skills and how it benefits for you. Try to briefly explain to your friends reasons why they should return to this pages.